Learning a new tool… / If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning…

Learning a new tool… After years of knowing some limiting programming languages, I’m learning a new one…  I feel like a carpenter with a new hammer!  I went to bed giddy last night.  Quite refreshing. 

Adding a new tool to the toolbox is an unusual event…  Seeing data cave at its knees and yield its secrets is a little too much fun.


Great ships were not designed to sleep in the harbor.

Das Blinkenlights

I sorta miss lights-and-switches type consoles. There was something comforting in watching Das Blinkenlights and knowing that, at the very least, your machine had not gone into an error trap loop… And I sorta miss the days when big iron surrounded you rather than fitting into your pocket; it somehow felt so much more impressive, independent of actual computing speed. “It’s not REAL science unless it makes you feel like a roach in a radio.”

Work scale and scope

If you are not working on problems that you can solve in your lifetime, then you’re not thinking big enough.

Discovery by Accident

Our scientific history appears to show that this is a highly viable method.  And in part, it may be.  However, it appears to me that accidents are frequent in occurrence and the real magic happens when someone is actually paying attention to what has happened. 

So, how do we not only ‘farm’ accidents, but how can we stay tuned into the discoveries hidden within our day to day noise and see new light in the strangeness of the outcomes of the accidents?

Events like Madame Curie’s film in the drawer & Newton’s alleged Apple and the events precipitating sticky notes.

Poorly written headlines…

Poorly written headlines:  “Mothers ‘lean on’ others who lost babies at Port Orange event”

What the heck was that event?!?!

Looking at others solutions and tools…

After I asked him about his small spiral-bound notebook… “Around here, if you’re not prying, then you’re not doing your job.” -Patrick C.


Co-employed… Taxi driver that writes novels during the waiting time for fares… His main income is from the novels, but he couldn’t do it without the bizarreness of the taxi job.


If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

Fresh perspective. NYC.

I think that I may have found a way to finally enjoy NYC

The imagery is reminiscent of a Silicon CPU… except here, the people and the vehicles are the electrons, the buildings are the gates, the roads are the data busses and the colors HIDE the actual data.

Interesting.   Maybe all of the things I’ve passed judgment on need to be seen from a different perspective.  Except Brussels sprouts.